Flintshire workers face return to Victorian conditions.

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Make no mistake the biggest attack on worker’s rights is happening right now, hidden in plain view, but nobody is doing anything about it. Except me. The Government have put forward proposals in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill to remove an injured worker’s right to use his employer’s breach of health and safety law… Read more

Supermarket Worker Back Injury

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Despite the fact that the law in relation to accidents at work has made claiming more difficult this case shows that the simplest preventative measures taken by an employer could have prevented a painful injury to an employee. Our client worked for one of the big supermarkets and sustained a wrenching injury to his lower… Read more

How seriously do people take workplace accidents?

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The modern workplace is a much safer environment than at any time in the past, although there are still many jobs which are dangerous by definition. These types of professions require particular care and attention in their day to day duties using certain processes, practices and equipment but even in the most hazardous roles the… Read more