Accident Claim Testimonials

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Happy clients make it all worthwhile! As owner of a solicitors practice work is often so busy and intense that I rarely have time to pause and think what it is all about. Yes sure this is a business and must prosper to survive but we can never forget the human aspect of what we… Read more

Biker left by police

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As a bike accident lawyer I cannot comprehend how three police forces contrived to ignore the plight of a biker injured in an accident and left lying in a ditch for three hours. Not only that it would appear that when eventually the police turned up the seriously injured biker had to be transported to the… Read more

Buckley man dies after being hit by coach

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A council refuse collector from Buckley died yesterday after being hit by a coach in the town of  Ffynnongroyw, Flintshire. Andrew Green, 39, was hit by the vehicle on Monday morning and spent 2 days in hospital before sadly passing away due to his injuries. The village itself was closed off while emergency services tried to help… Read more

Alton Towers rollercoaster crash

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News is just breaking of a rollercoaster crash at Alton Towers in which four people have been said to be seriously injured. The incident seems to have occurred on the new Smiler ride when two carriages collided. This type of incident is obviously very rare given that rollercoaster and similar rides have to pass very stringent… Read more

Knee injury client instructs specialist motorcycle accident lawyer

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The risk of motorcyclists suffering severe injuries if they’re involved in a crash is immense. By the very nature of these accidents they’re more likely to cause lasting harm to the rider as opposed to a car-on-car collision. Luckily, making a claim for these injuries is made much easier should you choose a specialist motorcycle… Read more

Ring avulsion injury at work

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Ring avulsion is something we see when dealing with accidents at work. Ring avulsion happens when a ring catches against something and is followed by a sharp pulling motion. The risk of this is particularly high when the victim is working with some kind of machinery, such as a lathe.   The injuries sustained from… Read more

Ceiling collapse accident at work

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An accident at work claim is obviously something that every business wants to avoid. Whilst this is in the most part about ensuring the safety of employees, some businesses decide that profit is more important. This is an example of an accident at work where the employer decided saving on their insurance was more important… Read more