Motorcycle Accident Essentials

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Well what a start to the summer. With the TT in full swing, and no rain forecast, bikers the length and breadth of the country will be boosting the takings of the cafes and chippies of beautiful North Wales; my biking nirvana. I live in earshot of one of the main routes towards the bike… Read more

Scooter accident claim settles for £27,000

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We have an enviable reputation as scooter accident claim specialists. Due to our extensive experience in this particular field coupled with a genuine interest in scootering, we’re able to deal effectively with any scooter accident claims and ensure our clients receive the level of compensation they’re entitled to. We received a scooter accident claim from… Read more

Successful roundabout accident claim

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Roundabouts can be a particularly dangerous place for scooterists and motorcyclists. There is a reliance on other road users being able to see them, which is sometimes a problem as drivers can look right through anything on two wheels when scanning for cars. This is part of the reason why roundabouts are so prolific in… Read more

Pillion passenger injury £400,000

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This was one of the most upsetting motorcycle pillion accident claims we have ever done. The case was so specific as to the injuries that we cannot give out too much information as our client’s personal information has to be protected. The case was on behalf of a pillion passenger who, through the negligence of… Read more

As expert motorcycle accident lawyers we helped a pillion passenger

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We are delighted to have been involved in defeating an argument raised by a particularly mean insurance company that a pillion passenger’s compensation should be reduced if they fail to wear appropriate motorcycle clothing. As expert motorcycle accident lawyers we represent many riders and pillion passengers involved in serious road traffic accidents and thought we… Read more

Motorcycle Helmet Damaged in Accident

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As specialist motorcycle accident solicitors we are asked to advise our clients daily on how the court will deal with their claim for the damage to their helmet. Since the introduction of compulsory law to enforce the wearing of helmets the reduction in the prevalence of serious brain injury has been dramatic and is to… Read more

Scooter accident on frost damaged roads

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At Lampkin & Co we specialise in motorcycle and scooter accidents due to owner Mark Lampkin’s passion for all things two wheeled. This includes attending scooter weekenders and rallies and has led to us having an enviable reputation for looking after often seriously injured scooterists. One common cause of scooter accidents at this time of year arises… Read more