Government aim to redefine personal injury damages

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A recent case dealing with the catastrophic effects of a new vaccine is set to go to the Court of Appeal as the Government seeks to further limit the rights of innocently injured citizens. In 2003 a swine flu panic swept the UK media fuelled by need to sell more newspapers. Hindsight they say is a… Read more

Head injury claim pedestrian gets £10,000

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 As a pedestrian, you’d expect a degree of safety from cars when standing on the pavement. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Vehicles can and do hit pedestrians who are on the pavement or in a driveway. Injuries sustained by pedestrians in these cases can be very serious; there’s no lifesaving protection for the pedestrian… Read more

Client with psychological injuries gets CBT treatment

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We always try our best to ensure our clients recover from their injuries. We can organise for physiotherapist and clinical psychologist appointments to help our clients get back to normality. These are effective methods of treating physical and psychological injuries, proven in many cases. One such case was that of a motorcyclist who received cognitive… Read more

Motorbike claim with psychological injuries

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Psychological injuries can be every bit as important as physical injuries. Some accidents can cause trauma which interfere with the victim’s everyday life. It’s well known that soldiers can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition which makes it much harder to go about their day-to-day activities. It’s lesser known that victims of traumatic accidents… Read more

Mr. L Reed – Durham

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I used Lampkin & Co after a recommendation from my Brother, a fellow biker himself, after reading articles from Biker Magazine and on the TRF website. Sharon Stevens was a very, very helpful and understanding person to deal with at a very difficult time for myself. I would like to thank her for all the… Read more

Boy crossing the road – £15,000

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Acting for a 16 year old schoolboy who was hit by a Land Rover whilst crossing the road we secured as settlement of £15,000 which he will now use to help him through University. Remarkably, despite being hit by such a large vehicle, he sustained very few if indeed any physical effects and the case… Read more