Motorcycle Accident Essentials

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Well what a start to the summer. With the TT in full swing, and no rain forecast, bikers the length and breadth of the country will be boosting the takings of the cafes and chippies of beautiful North Wales; my biking nirvana. I live in earshot of one of the main routes towards the bike… Read more

Biker left by police

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As a bike accident lawyer I cannot comprehend how three police forces contrived to ignore the plight of a biker injured in an accident and left lying in a ditch for three hours. Not only that it would appear that when eventually the police turned up the seriously injured biker had to be transported to the… Read more

Ambulance chaser or hero?

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I have now been a personal injury lawyer for 27 years and have reached a point where I must speak out to defend myself, my practice and most of my profession against the constant derogatory comments of being “ambulance chasing pond life”. I have recently been called this personally several times and was even listening… Read more

The Crystal Ball of Loss of Earnings Claims

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When the worst happens and an accident causes a life changing injury a major part of your life can be taken away or affected. Your job. Our resident legal eagle Mark Lampkin of Lampkin & Co Personal Injury Solicitors examines how courts deal with making an award where your working life will be affected way… Read more

Car accident on snow

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I was in my car when it was struck by another vehicle that came sliding down the hill in our road. There was nothing he could do but my car has been damaged and I have really hurt my hip and elbow as he crashed into my door very hard. Can I claim if it… Read more

Accident at Work – Simple Advice

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I have just cut the tip of my finger off using an old machine at work that is always causing problems. Everyone is saying I should claim but I am worried. Please tell me simply how it works to help me decide. This is a good example of the sort of question we get asked… Read more

Helmet and Clothing claim following bike accident

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I was knocked from my bike at a slow speed causing damage to my bike and clothing but not me. The insurers of the other person have repaired the bike but are only offering me 50{602ff13bae4e7a4203fc2d51fd9aad6807e6372b4ba11df55fbb26bbab2a1d31} of the value of my helmet and clothing. Is this right? This is a very common situation that we… Read more

Overtaking a U-turning vehicle

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I was overtaking a slow moving vehicle on my motorbike when all of a sudden he performed a u-turn infront of me. I hit his wing and was thrown from my bike which was damaged and I was injured. He has sent a letter claiming from me. What should I do? This type of accident… Read more