Scooter accident claim settles for £27,000

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We have an enviable reputation as scooter accident claim specialists. Due to our extensive experience in this particular field coupled with a genuine interest in scootering, we’re able to deal effectively with any scooter accident claims and ensure our clients receive the level of compensation they’re entitled to. We received a scooter accident claim from… Read more

Self-employed man claims loss of earnings

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Much more than your health is at stake when you’re involved in a road traffic accident. Consequences on your income will have to be taken into account, with everything from your damaged vehicle and items to loss of earnings considered. There is often substantial difficulty in calculating a claim for loss of earnings as self-employed… Read more

London cyclist recovers lost earnings

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London cyclists have been in the news often lately, with news reports showing that injuries and fatalities have been rife. It is clear that safety in the capital is a big issue for cyclists. We are delighted to announce that one of our London cyclist clients has been successfully compensated for an injury he suffered… Read more

The Crystal Ball of Loss of Earnings Claims

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When the worst happens and an accident causes a life changing injury a major part of your life can be taken away or affected. Your job. Our resident legal eagle Mark Lampkin of Lampkin & Co Personal Injury Solicitors examines how courts deal with making an award where your working life will be affected way… Read more