Pre-existing condition claim settles against dissolved company

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Pre-existing conditions The aggravation of a pre-existing condition is an aspect of a personal injury claim that we see in clients with medical conditions such as arthritis and degenerative diseases. Whilst an accident will not necessarily be the root cause of these injuries, it can ‘speed up’ the symptoms to levels they would have reached… Read more

Cleaner fee recovered in slip and trip claim

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Care and assistance claims for help you’ve received after an accident are always taken into account when claiming compensation for personal injury. The help received from family, friends and paid carers if required can all be covered when making your personal injury claim. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of a claim; the… Read more

Claim won over lack of safety equipment

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Safety equipment is an absolutely vital requirement for any workplace. Construction and engineering workplaces in particular will require specialist equipment for their employees. The lack of adequate safety equipment is a massive cause of accidents in the workplace. We have represented a huge number of clients who have been injured at work due to their… Read more

Mr. R Burrows – Broughton

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of staff for helping me understand all the legal jargon, by putting it in layman terms for me. Whether it be on the telephone or in person. 20/06/13.

Biker injured knee – £40,000

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A motorcylist who was side swiped by a Nissan Micra received a great settlement following his claim for his knee injury and associated losses. The client, riding a vintage bike, was involved in a classic “sorry mate didn’t see you” collision. A car driver literally looked but didn’t see and emerged when the bike was… Read more

Mr. J Hopkinson – Nottingham

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It was nice as a motorcyclist to feel someone was on your side for a change. I would recommend Lampkins to other club members and I’m writing this with a damaged hand following another RTA and I’m using using Lampkins again! 22/10/12.