Compensation for assaulted cyclist

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The duty of an employer to protect people affected by its actions extends to protecting others from the actions of its employees. If an employee of a company causes somebody an injury in the course of their job, there is a case for the company to be liable. This means that compensation can be recovered… Read more

Unknown driver claim settles

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If you’re involved in an accident where you cannot obtain the details of the other driver, do not panic! We deal with many accidents on the road where the insurance details or registration number of the defendant are not available. Sadly, not all people involved in accidents stay around to exchange these vital details. We… Read more

Client gets 11x more after legal advice

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Insurance companies have all sorts of tactics to delay or knock down the value of a claim. From demands for completely irrelevant information to totally unreasonable offers, their list of tricks is extensive. As specialist personal injury solicitors, we’ve seen it all when it comes to these strategies. This is why we’d advise anybody injured… Read more

Cyclist claims back value of bicycle

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The small size of a bicycle compared to the average car can make it difficult for drivers to spot cyclists before it is too late. This means that a cyclist has to take many precautions to ensure that they are likely to be seen: fluorescent clothing, lights and reflective strips. Sadly this is not always… Read more

Successful bicycle accident claims

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Despite the precautions taken by cyclists commuting each and every day, there are still drivers who fail to see them. This is often down to not keeping a look out for cyclists. They can sometimes feel as though they are invisible to drivers, especially when it comes to turning at junctions. We represented a cyclist… Read more

Careless drivers cause danger on roads

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One of the chief causes of road traffic accidents is careless drivers. Whilst something done ‘carelessly’ is usually thought of as being relatively harmless, this changes when the careless act is committed by someone in control of a ton of metal. The overwhelming majority of incidents on the road are not done purposely but as… Read more

Former minister demands sensors for HGVs

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Lord Attlee has demanded that heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) be fitted with mandatory sensors in order to protect cyclists. Attlee is a former government transport minister who has experience driving HGVs. The Conservative peer has urged the government to carry out research into the life-saving devices and set minimum standards for their inclusion on appropriate… Read more

Cycling accidents in London – 2 every hour

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Research completed by insurance company Aviva shows that a shocking number of cycling accidents occur on the streets of London. In data provided by the Department for Transport hat covered between 2009 – 2013, it was found that there had been 22,988 accidents involving cyclists. This means that on average there were over 12 accidents per day… Read more

Helmet saves life of injured cyclist

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A cyclist seriously injured in a collision with a van says that his helmet saved his life. Mr Stead, 36, was involved in the crash near his home in Scampton. Despite suffering from a fractured spine, serious ligament damage to his leg and breaks to his shoulder, left hand, thumb and finger, Mr Stead believes… Read more

London cyclist recovers lost earnings

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London cyclists have been in the news often lately, with news reports showing that injuries and fatalities have been rife. It is clear that safety in the capital is a big issue for cyclists. We are delighted to announce that one of our London cyclist clients has been successfully compensated for an injury he suffered… Read more