Accident Claim Testimonials

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Happy clients make it all worthwhile! As owner of a solicitors practice work is often so busy and intense that I rarely have time to pause and think what it is all about. Yes sure this is a business and must prosper to survive but we can never forget the human aspect of what we… Read more

Ambulance chaser or hero?

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I have now been a personal injury lawyer for 27 years and have reached a point where I must speak out to defend myself, my practice and most of my profession against the constant derogatory comments of being “ambulance chasing pond life”. I have recently been called this personally several times and was even listening… Read more

Hit and Run Crash Advice

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A story appearing in the North Wales issue of the Daily Post highlights the fact that there are still plenty of drivers out there who would not stop following a road traffic accident. Not only is this in breach of the law as the offence of “failing to stop” following an accident would be committed… Read more

Cheshire Cyclist Accident

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Reports are showing that a serious cycle accident occurred on the A56 in the Mickle Trafford area of Chester on the 2nd of March 2015. The incident occurred at 8.38 and led to the air ambulance being called out to air lift the seriously injured 53 year old cyclist to hospital. The Cheshire police closed roads… Read more