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Lampkin & Co Solicitors are a leading law firm handling compensation claims in the UK for the failure of vaginal mesh medical devices.

We have created a fact sheet to help you find the answers to the most common questions about vaginal mesh devices all in one place.

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For many of our clients, the failure of their vaginal mesh device has had a far reaching impact on their quality of life.

For these clients, claiming compensation will help ensure they receive the best quality medical treatment, support and rehabilitation as well as easing the financial burden for those unable to continue working due to their symptoms.

Female legal team

Solicitor Donna Hodge from Lampkin & Co leading the team on vaginal mesh claimsWe handle all enquiries with the upmost sensitivity and have assembled a female legal team, headed up by Solicitor Donna Hodge, to take the lead on these cases.

You can talk to us in confidence

If you have had or know someone that has had transvaginal mesh surgery download the fact sheet and get expert legal advice. You can also call us directly on 01244 525725 and talk to us in confidence about any concerns. We can email or post a copy of the fact sheet to you if you’d prefer that.

Legal action in the UK

News of the problems being discovered with transvaginal procedures using mesh and mini-sling products began to reach the UK earlier this year. As with other defective medical devices such as metal-on-metal hip implants, litigation had already begun in the US and settlements are now starting to be reached. The UK and other countries are expected to follow suit.

Protecting your legal position

At Lampkin & Co, we’re already now acting for a growing number of women in the UK that are suffering following a mesh procedure and we’re watching legal developments in both the US and UK closely. If you have had transvaginal mesh surgery but are not currently experiencing any problems you should still contact us so we can protect your legal position should the mesh fail in the future.

Limitation period

Product liability cases are subject to a limitation period. At the moment we’re looking at taking on claims where your vaginal mesh procedure took place no earlier than 2007. Due to this “time limit” and the legal process itself for this type of case being lengthy, we would advise you to contact us without delay.
Obtaining information about your vaginal mesh device and waiting for the results of any tests that your Doctor recommends all takes time. The sooner you act the sooner we can assist you.

Contact us now for advice about your Vaginal Mesh implant – you won’t be commiting to anything. Call 01244 525725 or download your Vaginal Mesh Fact Sheet above. We’re confident you’ll be glad you took just a moment to get the facts and receive some free, expert advice.