At Lampkin & Co we have years of experience dealing with clients who have often been catastrophically injured as a result of a two wheeled accident. Indeed two wheel accident claims are our speciality.
Unfortunately many of our cyclist clients are being injured on London roads due to basic and avoidable careless driving allowing us to be london cycle accident claims specialists.

Our philosophy is that cyclists have an absolute right to use the road and are owed a high duty of care by all vehicle drivers. Cars and lorries by their very nature can cause serious injury to cyclists, motorcyclists, scooter riders and pedestrians on London’s busy streets. All those drivers should realise that there is a dangerous weapon within their control. The law says they must take care not to injure vulnerable road users.

We at Lampkins will use everything at our disposal to make sure our vulnerable clients are protected should the worse happen.

Why Lampkin & Co?

Having acted on behalf of thousands of cyclists, scooter riders and motorcyclists throughout our legal careers we have vast knowledge and experience of all types of accidents. We have pursued cases to trial to argue complicated legal issues in relation to who is to blame for a cycle accident.

Common defences are put forward in relation to the blind spot of large goods vehicles and we have an army of experts at our disposable who can help with such technical arguments.cycling-accident-city
Due to our work in this field we often look after clients whose cases may last for many years due to the catastrophic nature of their injuries. If this happens we will be with you every step of the way and will fully engage in rehabilitation where we can and work with the responsible insurance company to make sure that your daily needs are met during your recovery. We do not just want to help you achieve the rightful sum of compensation at the end of your case we want to make sure that your daily needs are attended to so that you do not have any undue suffering during your recovery. It is of paramount importance that we listen to you every step of the way and the aim of our work is to make you so delighted with our services that you would have no hesitation in recommending us and we are proud that that is how we obtain most of our work.

But don’t just take our word for it have a look at our videos all of which are genuine former clients who are happy to appear in a video and endorse us because of the way we handle their claims.

Defective Highway Claims

An increasing proportion of cycle accidents arise when a cyclist is caught out by a defect in the carriageway that causes them to be thrown from the cycle and sustain injury. Again we have vast experience in this area and we are able to use our skills to identify the correct Highway Authority and to pursue claims against them where we can show that they have breached a duty under the Highways Act to keep the carriageway in a good and safe condition.

If this happens to you we would encourage you to immediately do the following:

  • Obtain details of any witnesses to the accident.

  • Take photographs on a mobile phone or other device to show the defect that caused the problem. Take photographs from close up to panoramic views of the area in as best quality as you can achieve.

  • Try to have some measurement of the defect perhaps with a ruler but if that is not available some common object such as a mobile phone or other measurable object to help give some scale and show the depth of any defect.

  • If there are any shops or residences in the area try to obtain details of anyone who could give any evidence of how long the defect has been apparent.

  • Contact us immediately before making any report to the local council or Highway Authority because we are aware from experience that quite often councils will effect an immediate repair thus removing any evidence that we may need to prove your case.

Accidents Caused by Vehicles

The majority of cycle accidents in London are caused by the inattention of the vehicle drivers whose vehicles collide with cyclists and often cause serious or catastrophic cycle accident injuries.

What should you do if this happens to you?

Well here are our top five things that we encourage all clients involved in road traffic accidents to consider immediately following an accident:

1. Evidence

If you are able to do so try to preserve as much evidence of the accident as you can. Photographs and/or videos on a mobile phone can often be essential to help us show where vehicles ended up immediately following an accident and this can be used to show for example where a car has driven too close to a cyclist. Details of any skid marks or damage to vehicles can also be helpful and obviously details of any independent witnesses who saw the accident could be essential to help you prove your case.

Quite often the police will need to be called to an accident involving a cyclist because of the nature of the injuries. If you are not able to obtain the details yourself because of injuries the police should compile such evidence and we will be able to obtain a report from them of the evidence that they found at the scene and details of any witnesses etc. One of the most essential things of course would be the name and registration number and other personal details of the driver involved.

2. Do not speak to any insurance company before calling us!

This may seem like a very aggressive statement but from our experience we have seen many cases that have been wrongly handled by insurance companies to the detriment of a vulnerable cyclist.

Insurance companies do not have the same duties towards you as a solicitor does. An insurance company only has a duty to his shareholders to make more money for them. They make their money from taking in insurance premiums and hopefully paying out less by way of claims against them than they have taken in by way of premiums. Therefore their whole intention is to reduce the amount of money that they pay out in respect of claims as best they can.

We have had examples of insurance companies literally knocking on accident victim’s doors with cheque books trying to buy off their claims for the lowest amount possible at the earliest opportunity and to avoid them being properly advised by lawyers such as ourselves. Do not let this happen to you and we encourage you to take advice from us before making that call. The difference is of course that we would only owe a duty to you. That duty means that we must always act in your best interest and advise you correctly at all times. We have lost count of the amount of cases that have been referred to us later having been all but destroyed by falling into the wrong hands.

3. Keep a record of your losses

At the initial stages of your accident you will be involved in travelling to and from hospitals and doctors, you may have repairs for the damage to your cycle and you may incur other expenses and losses. Part of these losses may involve a partner expending time upon your care over and above the time that they would normally spend. This can form part of your claim and we advise you to keep an accurate diary and keep receipts where possible of any losses that are incurred. These may be used later to prove your case.

4. Seek medical attention

It is imperative that if you are injured following a cycle accident that you should seek appropriate medical attention. This can be obtained at accident and emergency departments, walk-in centres or by a visit to your GP. We encourage all our clients to attend for medical attention even where they believe that their injuries do not require emergency treatment. The reason for this is that firstly, and most importantly, a doctor may identify any other problems that may need investigation and your health is obviously of paramount concern. The second and important reason is that the doctor would also be able to make notes of any symptoms that you exhibit at the time of your examination. This can form a vital piece of evidence because by the time we send you for a medical report to prove your injuries you may well have all but recovered. Therefore the doctor will be able to use this contemporaneous evidence in support of any injuries that you claim. Quite often insurance companies will allege that no injuries have been caused and it can be this crucial medical note that will overcome this problem. It is therefore in your interest to seek medical attention.

5. Instruct us early

It is essential that you appoint the correct legal team at the earliest opportunity following your cycle accident. As we have already said insurance companies will try to get in touch with you and settle your case for the lowest amount possible at the earliest opportunity. We can help look after every aspect of your claim provided we are instructed at an early stage and we have a network of repairers who can assist in providing replacement cycles and/or repairing your damaged bike. We can also provide replacement hire vehicles and make sure we are able to use our skill at the earliest opportunity to preserve all the evidence that might be necessary to help with your case.

What should I do now?

We guarantee that we will look after your case with the correct care, attention and dedication that it deserves. We are specialist solicitors and we pride ourselves on being small enough to care but big enough to cope with any cycle accident claim that comes to us. Our reputation is a matter of great pride to us and we guarantee you will be delighted with our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or any of the numbers given or speak to the owner of the firm Mark Lampkin personally on mobile number 07590 534607.

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