Since the dawn of the industrial revolution productivity in the manufacturing sector has increased massively. Without the invention of the Spinning Jenny and such innovations we would never have been able to cloth and expanding population. But with advances in technology comes the danger of injury from machines and due to the nature of such machines

The constant pressure for them to become bigger and more efficient the risk of injury from work machines has increased dramatically.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 recognised this increasing risk of injury at work and imposed a statutory duty upon employers to take steps to reduce the risk of injury to workers.

Further regulations have been issued in vast amounts and now cover just about every conceivable machine that could be encountered. Employers have a high duty to maintain machinery and to guard against injury. It still never ceases to amaze us as expert machine accident lawyers how many times an employer will remove a guard or cover which inevitably leads to a cutting edge to be exposed and cause serious injury to an employee. 
In the past as work accident lawyers we could use the fact that an employer had breached health and safety regulations as evidence of their negligence. This right was removed by the Government in 2013 but we are still able to succeed in these case if we can show that the employer has been negligent.

Not only do employers have to maintain machinery in good condition they also have to provide personal protective equipment to further reduce the risk of injury to the lowest reasonable level. If they do not do so and an employee is injured due to a defective or unguarded machine we will be able to raise a claim on behalf of the innocent victim.

In any case of injury caused by a machine the absolute priority is to act quickly. We encourage all our clients to call us urgently so we send correspondence quickly to the employers to ensure that any such machine is not disposed of or changed prior to us being able to inspect it and obtain an engineer’s report.

Machine accidents at work are generally strong claims but immediate action is a must. Call us now if this has happened to you.