Cosmetic procedures, beauty treatments, piercings, botox injections and elective surgery have become very popular and when done correctly can be a life enhancing experience. The positive psychological effects of being able to deal with an issue that may have caused a life time of anguish is now well recognised to the extent that public funds are rightly used to provide much needed treatment. But unfortunately those supplying the cosmetic and beauty treatment are often unqualified or inexperienced or just downright negligent in the way they deal with clients who have placed their trust in them.

We at Lampkin & Co recognise the enormous upset and often catastrophic injuries that can arise from disastrous beauty and cosmetic treatments. We also recognise that a major block that prevents prospective clients from approaching us for help with their negligent cosmetic treatment case is embarrassment. For that reason we have set up and trained a highly qualified team to deal with all aspects of elective surgery and beauty treatment negligence.

Trust us, we will be sympathetic as we recognise that in making that first call to us you need to be extremely brave and if you need to talk to an all-female team just ask.

We have a team dedicated to female negligence issues. You will see that this team are also dealing with ground breaking litigation in relation to surgical mesh used exclusively in female operations that is breaking down and causing catastrophic injury to our clients. The expertise amassed by our team will be used to fight your case.

Injury from beauty treatment can arise in many areas. We have experience in dealing with claims in all the following areas…
Hair products – Hairdressers will often use strong products without patch testing. We have seen clients have life changing scarring from such treatments and have even achieved settlements in cases where own brand shampoo supplied by a well known retailer caused serious allergic reaction and had to be recalled nationally because of our work.

Facial treatments – Threading and the application of inappropriate facial products can lead to visible scarring. Such scarring can be very upsetting and in serious cases can lead to psychological trauma from negligent beauty treatment.

Elective surgery – Sadly we have cases where elective surgery has been performed privately often by reputable clinics but using Doctors with dubious qualification. We have even had cases where the Doctor has literally disappeared following botched surgery. Clinics have a duty to look after their patients and must have insurance against the risks of negligence. We are experts in pinning down the correct insurance company.

Liposuction – This seemingly simple procedure can lead to catastrophic injury. Any abdominal operation carries with it a risk of bowel rupture but liposuction, as it is an elective procedure, should only be carried out by fully qualified Doctors and with the upmost care. We are presently handling a serious case where our client’s bowel was seriously injured in such a procedure and the consequences are life threatening. This case is one of the most serious and upsetting that we have ever come across and will probably lead to a seven figure award given the horrendous injuries suffered by our lovely client.

Tattoos, piercings, body art and tattoo removal – There is barely a celebrity who is not now covered in tattoos and the popularity in this form of body art has exploded. Unfortunately as we live in a supply and demand economy many unqualified and untrained businesses have tried to fulfil the demand. High street tattoo clinics seem to appear and disappear with amazing regularity and whereas most are reputable and produce an amazing outcome there are horror stories that come to us far too often. The use of unsterilized equipment is fortunately rare but infection post treatment does happen and can so easily be avoided. Any issues in relation to inappropriate tattoo treatment can carry a high award given the permanency. Tattoo removal using lasers has also become popular and can, if use incorrectly, lead to lifelong scarring.

Hair – Damage to hair is recognised in court as being a valid cause of often serious psychological outcomes and often attracts a high award of compensation when it goes wrong. Awards of several thousand pounds are very common in this area given the inevitable impact on mainly female clients whose social life may be seriously affected for years to come.
Many other beauty and cosmetic treatments will give rise to a claim for personal injury compensation and so you should seek our advice before giving up. Take photographs of any scarring, swelling, blistering or bleeding as this will help us and may be a Judge assess the level of compensation that you deserve for your injury.

Call us and ask to speak to our cosmetic and beauty treatment negligence team for a free no obligation discussion.


The salon I use are like friends, I don’t know whether to claim or not?

We understand that embarking on a claim is a difficult decision and not one to be taken lightly. Often clients will have built up trust in their salon and it will feel like a betrayal of that trust to start a claim. This decision can only be yours and firstly you should take our advice about the likely level of compensation and damages that would be awarded for the injuries following negligent beauty treatment. If the swelling or reddening is only temporary then any compensation may be as low as a few hundred pounds and so making a claim would not be worth the trouble. If there is any permanent scarring or the injuries and their effects last longer than a couple of months then a claim for negligent treatment would seem economically viable.

Will they be insured?

All salons and indeed all businesses should have insurance that will pay out should any of their treatments be carried out negligently and cause an injury. This means that your claim will be made against the insurance company and will not come from the pocket of the salon owner or treatment supplier provided they have adequate insurance cover.

Can I get remedial treatment?

Yes. If we prove that your injuries were caused by the negligent treatment and this has caused long lasting or permanent scarring then the cost of remedial or camouflage treatment will form part of your claim. We have details of reputable experts in cosmetic surgery and camouflage treatments that can help.

I can’t afford legal costs. How will I pay for your help?

If we take on your case we will work for you on a no win no fee basis. The correct term for this is a conditional fee agreement. This means that we must win your case to be able to be paid for our work at all. If we lose we do not get paid by you or by anybody. If we win by getting an award for you then we recover some of our costs from the other side (normally their insurers) and due to government changes up to 25{602ff13bae4e7a4203fc2d51fd9aad6807e6372b4ba11df55fbb26bbab2a1d31}, but no more, of your damages will go towards our costs. Previously you would have received all your damages and ALL our costs would have been paid by the other side. Unfortunately the government reduced the amount the other side has to pay but in order to soften that blow the amount of compensation you will now receive has been increased by 10{602ff13bae4e7a4203fc2d51fd9aad6807e6372b4ba11df55fbb26bbab2a1d31}. This is still a great no win no fee system that means come what may you will never have to pay if the case is lost (provided you comply with your side of the agreement by giving us reasonable instructions, not lying to us etc.) and you are GUARANTEED to receive AT LEAST 75{602ff13bae4e7a4203fc2d51fd9aad6807e6372b4ba11df55fbb26bbab2a1d31} of any award or settlement. (The reason you may receive more, but never less, than 75{602ff13bae4e7a4203fc2d51fd9aad6807e6372b4ba11df55fbb26bbab2a1d31} is that the deduction towards costs does not attach to every aspect of the damages. For example future loss of earnings are non-deductible. We will explain this fully to you before you are asked to sign up.)

I live far away does this matter?

No. If it is necessary for us to see you we will. We have clients the length and breadth of the country and so we travel extensively. Quite often we are able to deal with cases over the phone or by using Skype or other video communication methods.


We know how important this area of work is. Clients often have feelings of guilt or shame in that an elective cosmetic or beauty treatment has gone wrong. Your looks are important and the upset you feel is quite normal. We guarantee to look after you with all the sensitivity your case deserves and we will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you following your negligent or below standard treatment.

Call us now and ask for our cosmetic and beauty negligence team of lawyers.