Successful roundabout accident claim

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Roundabouts can be a particularly dangerous place for scooterists and motorcyclists. There is a reliance on other road users being able to see them, which is sometimes a problem as drivers can look right through anything on two wheels when scanning for cars. This is part of the reason why roundabouts are so prolific in… Read more

Successful bicycle accident claims

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Despite the precautions taken by cyclists commuting each and every day, there are still drivers who fail to see them. This is often down to not keeping a look out for cyclists. They can sometimes feel as though they are invisible to drivers, especially when it comes to turning at junctions. We represented a cyclist… Read more

Pillion passenger gets £17,500 payout

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It can be a daunting experience being a pillion passenger. You’re out on the road but with neither the control of the vehicle nor the protection a car passenger is afforded. It’s fortunate then that when claiming for personal injury as a pillion passenger, liability is very rarely an issue. As an accident can hardly… Read more

Client injured motorcycle accidents filtering through traffic

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Filtering through traffic is part and parcel of driving a motorcycle. A large amount of motorcycle accidents are caused by the inattentiveness of drivers who don’t look before they turn. Unfortunately, injuries sustained by a motorcycle rider can often be severe. We know all too well about these incidents, having represented many clients who have… Read more

Claim won over lack of safety equipment

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Safety equipment is an absolutely vital requirement for any workplace. Construction and engineering workplaces in particular will require specialist equipment for their employees. The lack of adequate safety equipment is a massive cause of accidents in the workplace. We have represented a huge number of clients who have been injured at work due to their… Read more

Careless drivers cause danger on roads

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One of the chief causes of road traffic accidents is careless drivers. Whilst something done ‘carelessly’ is usually thought of as being relatively harmless, this changes when the careless act is committed by someone in control of a ton of metal. The overwhelming majority of incidents on the road are not done purposely but as… Read more

Pillion passenger injury £400,000

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This was one of the most upsetting motorcycle pillion accident claims we have ever done. The case was so specific as to the injuries that we cannot give out too much information as our client’s personal information has to be protected. The case was on behalf of a pillion passenger who, through the negligence of… Read more