Ring avulsion injury at work

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Ring avulsion is something we see when dealing with accidents at work. Ring avulsion happens when a ring catches against something and is followed by a sharp pulling motion. The risk of this is particularly high when the victim is working with some kind of machinery, such as a lathe.   The injuries sustained from… Read more

Unknown driver claim settles

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If you’re involved in an accident where you cannot obtain the details of the other driver, do not panic! We deal with many accidents on the road where the insurance details or registration number of the defendant are not available. Sadly, not all people involved in accidents stay around to exchange these vital details. We… Read more

Fall from height claim settled

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A fall from height is an accident which can cause serious injury; the amount of people who suffer major or life threatening injuries caused by a fall from height is staggering. These accidents have amongst the highest fatality rate of accidents at work according to statistics from the Health and Safety Executive.   People who work regularly… Read more

Client with psychological injuries gets CBT treatment

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We always try our best to ensure our clients recover from their injuries. We can organise for physiotherapist and clinical psychologist appointments to help our clients get back to normality. These are effective methods of treating physical and psychological injuries, proven in many cases. One such case was that of a motorcyclist who received cognitive… Read more

Ceiling collapse accident at work

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An accident at work claim is obviously something that every business wants to avoid. Whilst this is in the most part about ensuring the safety of employees, some businesses decide that profit is more important. This is an example of an accident at work where the employer decided saving on their insurance was more important… Read more

Motorbike claim with psychological injuries

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Psychological injuries can be every bit as important as physical injuries. Some accidents can cause trauma which interfere with the victim’s everyday life. It’s well known that soldiers can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition which makes it much harder to go about their day-to-day activities. It’s lesser known that victims of traumatic accidents… Read more