Head injury claim pedestrian gets £10,000

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 As a pedestrian, you’d expect a degree of safety from cars when standing on the pavement. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Vehicles can and do hit pedestrians who are on the pavement or in a driveway. Injuries sustained by pedestrians in these cases can be very serious; there’s no lifesaving protection for the pedestrian… Read more

Scooter accident claim settles for £27,000

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We have an enviable reputation as scooter accident claim specialists. Due to our extensive experience in this particular field coupled with a genuine interest in scootering, we’re able to deal effectively with any scooter accident claims and ensure our clients receive the level of compensation they’re entitled to. We received a scooter accident claim from… Read more

Foot injury claim for work accident

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An injury to the foot is often particularly troublesome; mobility is severely restricted and things such as getting around the house suddenly become difficult, if not impossible to do. A foot injury claim is therefore very important in helping the client get back on track. Severe foot injuries typically entail a long period off work…. Read more