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Accident Claim Testimonials

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Happy clients make it all worthwhile! As owner of a solicitors practice work is often so busy and intense that I rarely have time to pause and think what it is all about. Yes sure this is a business and must prosper to survive but we can never forget the human aspect of what we… Read more

RTA Paralegal Chester area

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We are now blazing a trail in acquiring new and exciting sources of work and have immediate vacancies for paralegals and junior fee earners in our RTA department. Applicants will need to have a good working knowledge of the portal and case management systems. Proclaim case management skills will be an advantage. We offer market… Read more

Accidents at Work and Brexit

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I cannot remember a week like this where we have left Europe not just once, but twice. Whatever you voted, or whatever you think about Europe, we will all learn the detailed consequences of the vote to leave over the coming years. I doubt, however, if we will ever learn just how we lost to… Read more

Motorcycle Accident Essentials

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Well what a start to the summer. With the TT in full swing, and no rain forecast, bikers the length and breadth of the country will be boosting the takings of the cafes and chippies of beautiful North Wales; my biking nirvana. I live in earshot of one of the main routes towards the bike… Read more

Scooters and Car Doors; The Law

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As an expert scooter accident lawyer I am often approached by scooterists who collide with car doors being opened directly in front of them. Most will form the initial impression that they are to blame particularly as they would inevitably have been filtering or at least overtaking. Well, from my 28 years of experience, I… Read more

Dirty Tactics Used To Defeat Motorcycle Accident Claims

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As a specialist cycle and motorcycle accident lawyer I spend my day pulling together all the evidence to make sure my often catastrophically injured clients recover every penny piece of the damages and compensation they deserve due to the negligence of another. Clearly my work entails forcing the other driver’s insurance company to part with… Read more