Do I have to go for a medical examination?

Generally, yes, if you are claiming for compensation or losses because of injuries. We will ask you for full details of your injuries and obtain your medical notes in order to choose the best doctor to properly assess your injuries.

The examining doctor will provide us with a full report on your injuries and we will then be able to advise you on the expected level of compensation.

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Who pays for the medical examination?

We pay the fee for the examination and report. These fees are known as disbursements. We fund the payment of disbursements and then claim the money back as part of the costs upon successful conclusion of the case. If you have more questions about fees read our FAQ’s on the costs of your claim.

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Who conducts the medical examination?

This will depend upon your injuries. For minor road traffic accidents that cause minor whiplash we would normally arrange for a report to be done by a General Practitioner who is experienced in reporting. If the injuries are more severe we will ask a consultant to provide a report. Other medical experts may be used such as Psychiatrist and Plastic Surgeons.

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How far might I be expected to travel?

We use medical agencies who will arrange for your examination normally near to where you live. This is normally within a twenty mile radius. If your injuries require a very specialised Doctor you may have to travel further and we can help with the arrangements. Occasionally we can arrange a home visit if you are unable to travel.

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What will the examination involve?

It depends upon your injuries but the examination should normally only take between twenty minutes and one hour. The examination needs to be thorough enough to provide us with a report that helps us build your case. If you’re aprehensive about it in any way you can talk to us – we’re here to help you.

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