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What is “No Win No Fee” exactly?

This is where we, as your solicitors, offer to act on your behalf knowing full well that if we do not win the case we will not be paid for any of our work. We can only be paid upon condition that we win so that is why the full term is a “conditional fee arrangement”.

We therefore have to carefully assess the prospects of success before we take on a case because we will not be paid a penny by anyone if we lose. When we win we recover ALL our costs from the other parties or their insurers and from a pre-agreed percentage of any compensation you are awarded.

You will receive at least 75{602ff13bae4e7a4203fc2d51fd9aad6807e6372b4ba11df55fbb26bbab2a1d31} of any compensation you are awarded

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What will my claim cover?

We will discuss your needs for both the short and longer term, aiming to make a claim that is as in-depth as possible. We will seek damages to compensate you for your pain, suffering and any loss of amenity as a result of your injuries. We will also be meticulous in claiming for any financial losses and expenses arising from your injury.

Medical treatment and rehabilitation

To ensure a full recovery you may need physiotherapy or occupational therapy. Clients with more serious injuries may require surgery and on-going drug treatment or care.

We will look carefully at all aspects of your claim and will endeavour to ensure you are awarded compensation that will cover all of your medical needs.

Recovering financial losses

Some clients find that in addition to being unable to work for some time, their injuries have a life changing impact that requires adaptation of their home, car or provision of care equipment. This can all lead to financial pressures at an already difficult time.

Our priority is to establish financial stability and where it’s appropriate we may even be able to obtain interim payments whilst your claim is being processed.

Our client-focused approach means we work with you to protect your future

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When can I make a claim?

In English law you only have a short time in which to start court proceedings. For most accidents this is 3 years from the date you knew that you had been injured by someone’s negligence (this is normally 3 years from the date of the accident).

In some cases where you didn’t know you had been injured this can be longer. For example, if your claim is for asbestosis you may have inhaled the asbestos many years ago but you only know that now. In such a case you would probably have 3 years from the date of diagnosis.

For young people the 3 years run from their 18th birthday so they must start court proceedings before their 21st birthday. You can apply to court for permission to issue proceedings after this period but this area of law becomes quite complex and if you are unsure you really should contact us immediately for advice.

We will tell you if you are eligible to make a claim when you get in touch. Read more answers relating to the claim process or ask your own question.

How much compensation will I be awarded?

Many accident “claims companies” will use suggestive and often misleading figures relating to typical amounts of compensation that can be awarded. You might have even seen a “compensation calculator” – this is a gimmick that we’d prefer not to use.

Compensation amounts are actually calculated individually on a case by case basis and are determined by many different factors.

We have a proven case history in securing maximum compensation for clients and we do that by being incredibly thorough with your personal injury claim. Our success stories are real results obtained for real clients but you should remember that the amounts awarded in each of those cases relate to individual circumstances that will differ from your own.

We take your case seriously and will give you clear advice about the amount of compensation that we will be seeking and also about any offer of settlement we receive from the other party.

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Do I have to go for a medical examination?

Generally, yes, if you are claiming for compensation or losses because of injuries. We will ask you for full details of your injuries and obtain your medical notes in order to choose the best doctor to properly assess your injuries.

The examining doctor will provide us with a full report on your injuries and we will then be able to advise you on the expected level of compensation.

We’ll support you at every stage of the claim process. Read more questions that people ask about medical examinations or ask your own question.

Will I have to attend court?

This is highly unlikely. Only a very few case go all the way to a court hearing. Most cases will settle when the insurers make an acceptable offer after negotiation with us.

If your cases does go to court and you are required to attend you’ll find we’ll give you all the support you need.

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How will I know what’s happening at each stage?

We have very high standards of service and our client charter sets out what you can expect from us.

We guarantee that we will keep you fully informed at every stage of the claim process and we use our case management software to help us diarise your file so updates will never be missed. We can phone you, write to you or use email – we’ll do our best to fit in with what suits you best.

We work in partnership with you and that means we aim to keep you informed. Read more answers relating to how we communicate with you or ask your own question.

You can chat to us about your claim with no obligation. When you’re ready, call us on 08081 782110 or send us a quick online claim enquiry and we will call you back.