Legal expenses insurance – Worth it or rip off?

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As a personal injury lawyer of over 25 years’ experience, and having worked for claimants and insurers, our resident expert Mark Lampkin questions whether legal expenses insurance is good for you. When you renew your car or home insurance you may notice an added on cost of providing legal expenses insurance whether you requested it… Read more

Bike Accident Essentials

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Bike Accident Essentials Accidents do happen and when somebody knocks you off or that pothole in the road that’s not been repaired by the council sends you spinning you need to know what to do. Bike accident expert lawyer Mark Lampkin explains how new rules mean that the first call you make is more crucial… Read more

Motorcycle Accident with untraced motorist

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Having just answered and enquiry from a new motorcycle accident client I thought I would share that advice concerning what happens when a motorcyclist is injured by an untraced motorist and his bike is also damaged. In such cases provided we can establish that the accident was caused by another motorist who left the scene… Read more

How seriously do people take workplace accidents?

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The modern workplace is a much safer environment than at any time in the past, although there are still many jobs which are dangerous by definition. These types of professions require particular care and attention in their day to day duties using certain processes, practices and equipment but even in the most hazardous roles the… Read more