We are a specialist solicitors firm with expertise in workplace accident compensation claims. We handle cases involving a wide variety of accidents and injuries in virtually every type of workplace. If you’re looking for advice about making a claim following an accident at work – we are here to help.

Can I make a workplace accident claim?

To avoid an accident at work occurring your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment, suitable training and appropriate safety equipment. They must also protect contractors and visitors to the workplace.

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Workplace Accident Advice

If your employer has breached any aspect of this duty of care or you were injured due to the negligence of another member of staff you may be entitled to compensation.

Clear and practical advice every step of the way

If you’re thinking of starting a personal injury claim we know you may have a few questions that need answering.We’ll answer any queries you have – expertly and with no obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it matter where I work?

No, it doesn’t matter what type of work you do or where the accident occurred. We handle cases for accidents that have happened in a wide variety of environments: construction sites, factories, shops, restaurants, offices, warehouses and farms.

I’m concerned about claiming against my employer

This is a common concern but by law, your employer must have insurance in place to cover the event of an accident. It’s the insurance company we make a claim against and our experience in this area means we are able to handle your claim sensitively whilst also protecting your rights as an employee.

I have more questions

That’s fine – we’re here to help. Have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions or ask your own question.

Proven expertise in workplace accident claims

With a history of successful cases since we were established in 1999 we have the expertise to deal with all types of workplace accident cases involving injuries from minor through to catastrophic and sadly, fatal accidents too.

Find out how we can help with any of the following types of injury…

Common Injuries:

Back, Hands, Eyes, Head, Bone Fractures, Burns, Soft Tissue

Serious Injuries:

Head/Brain, Spinal, Amputation, Multiple Injuries, Fatalities

Some types of accident are more common than others but if the list below doesn’t cover what happened to you, just get in touch and ask for advice.

  • Lifting or Manual Handling
  • Construction Site
  • Factory
  • Scaffolding
  • Forklift Truck
  • Office
  • Shops and Restaurants
  • Warehouse
  • Machinery
  • Farm
  • Fall From Height
  • Electrocution

How we handle your claim

At Lampkin & Co, making a claim for a workplace accident isn’t just about obtaining maximum compensation. We look at the bigger picture and will make a comprehensive claim that covers everything needed to support your recovery and future.

Considering your needs and best interests

Many of our clients are unable to work while they recover from their injuries. You can find yourself worrying about finances at a time when you’re focused on getting the right treatment and rehabilitation. It’s why our priorities in your claim will be covering these needs:

If you have suffered an accident at work contact us for expert advice on making a compensation claim – you won’t be commiting to anything. When you’re ready, call us on 08081 782110 or send us a quick online claim enquiry and we will call you back.