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We are often asked “how much compensation will I be awarded?“. It’s important to understand that compensation is calculated individually on a case by case basis and is determined by many different factors.

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Biker knee injury – £3500

We acted for an ex police biker who was knocked to the floor whilst stationary at the entrance to a roundabout. The case was unusual in that we received an unexpected denial of liability. Our client had his feet on the floor waiting to emerge onto a roundabout when a car to his offside moved… Read more

12 months whiplash – £2750

In this case the client was a firefighter and as such he been trained in rescue skills and is a fit gym member. Following a rear end shunt car accident he had whiplash symptoms in his neck and lower back. Despite some of the claims in the media that whiplash doesn’t exist, our client found… Read more

Country lane collision – £2600

Country lane collisions involving just two drivers and no witnesses are notoriously difficult to fully win and usually end up in a 50-50 settlement. We have just won one on a 100{602ff13bae4e7a4203fc2d51fd9aad6807e6372b4ba11df55fbb26bbab2a1d31} basis thanks to great “at the scene” photos and equally great work by our legal team. Acting for a local client who was… Read more

Schoolboy pedestrian injury – £2000

We are pleased to have achieved an award of £2000 for minor arm injuries suffered by a schoolboy client who was struck by the mirror of a vehicle whilst walking to school on a country road. Living in a rural area certainly has its dangers and where there are no pavements, schoolchildren often will have… Read more

Biker injury fractured knee – £23,250

A charming retired client recently recovered £23,250 for compensation for a fractured knee following a classic bike accident of a car emerging from a side road. He was riding his classic bike to a weekly meeting with “the old duffers” as he describes then but didn’t arrive following a terrifying ordeal. I have  recently written an… Read more

Driveway knee injury – £4500

Having established ourselves as experts in dealing with vulnerable road user claims such as cyclist and pedestrians, we recently settled a very unusual case where a client was injured on his own driveway, by his partner. He was effectively pinned between his own vehicle and that driven by his partner who had just made an… Read more

Post traumatic stress – £6500

We recently settled a case for a charming client who had been traumatised by being involved in a road traffic accident in which someone died. Our client was stationary in her vehicle with another car waiting behind her when a drunk driver travelling at around 60 mph collided with the rear vehicle. Although she escaped with… Read more

Biker hit by limo – £4000

We are delighted with our success in acting for a motorcyclist injured in a collision with a Limousine, the first time we have had such a claim. Our client was riding his Aprilia motorcyle in the outside of two lanes in the area of a very strange junction with a one way system when a… Read more

Fractured toe – £3000

A client was injured breaking his toe in a defective revolving door when he entered a supermarket. This case was difficult because the door in question had been in use for a substantial period of time but we were able to show that it should have stopped. It didnt stop and trapped our client’s toe… Read more

Acid burn – £5250

Another stunning success following a long and difficult legal argument in relation to a client who had suffered serious acid burns. The client was referred to us by previous clients after he was burned all down his side when acid was “blown back” over him from a defective “reactor” at work. It was not initially… Read more