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We are often asked “how much compensation will I be awarded?“. It’s important to understand that compensation is calculated individually on a case by case basis and is determined by many different factors.

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Biker injured knee – £40,000

A motorcylist who was side swiped by a Nissan Micra received a great settlement following his claim for his knee injury and associated losses. The client, riding a vintage bike, was involved in a classic “sorry mate didn’t see you” collision. A car driver literally looked but didn’t see and emerged when the bike was… Read more

Fall at work wrist injury – £3000

We recently acted for a lorry driving client who had a nasty fall when walking across the yard at work. The client sustained a nasty fracture to his wrist that caused initially quite intrusive symptoms but settled dramatically quickly. The assessment of compensation is always difficult and is to reflect the pain suffering and loss of… Read more

Biker soft tissue injuries – £4100

We acted for a scooter rider involved in a frightening accident occurring in London. The client who works in the city has a scooter to nip around and take advantage of the free parking and congestion charges for bikes. Unfortunately as our client was filtering past a line of traffic at reasonable speed and very… Read more

Whiplash – £3000

Our client was travelling behind a van after completing “the school run” in a 30mph zone. The road then opened up into a 60mph zone. Carefully – our client indicated, moved out and went to overtake the van on what was now a dual carriageway. As his car entered the “blind spot” just by the… Read more

Whiplash and trauma – £3700

We recently secured what we consider to be a fantastic award of compensation for a troubling but very common injury. Our client was travelling along a major road in Liverpool when a vehicle failed to give way and struck the nearside of her vehicle causing substantial damage. Fortunately no bones were broken but the she… Read more

Fractured ankle – £10,000

Acting for a young motorcycle rider we were delighted to have helped him achieve a settlement of a very nasty motorcycle accident in which he sustained a broken ankle. He was riding his 125cc motorcycle along a line of parked cars when one of those vehicles emerged directly into collision with him literally sending him… Read more

Bike accident ankle injury – £2000

We recently concluded a very satisfactory case for a charming, retired client who sustained injury in an accident caused by a fellow motorcycle club member whilst out on a “Wrinkly Run”. A moments inattention caused the collision and the injuries shown here when another club member ran into the rear of his stationary bike. Severe bruising… Read more

Bike v Tractor Result

It is amazing how few photographs of accident scenes we actually see but here is a dramatic example of the immediate aftermath of our biker client’s accident when his Yamaha R6 motorcycle struck a tractor emerging from a minor road. Our client has been a butcher all his working life was riding his pride and… Read more

Courier hit by u-turn – £3750

Acting for couriers is always worthwhile. These knights of the road have to treat road traffic accidents as an “occupational hazard” and quite often such clients return to us time again. In this case the client was riding his 125cc motorcycle in London professionally. He was making progress through the traffic when a driver in… Read more

Trip in bus station – £4000

Our legal team recently demonstrated their expertise in occupiers liability cases by settling a very unusual case of a fall at a bus depot. Building works were being carried out an the builders had covered a hole with large sheet of cast iron creating a clear trip hazard. Our client who was walking towards her… Read more