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We are often asked “how much compensation will I be awarded?“. It’s important to understand that compensation is calculated individually on a case by case basis and is determined by many different factors.

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Allegation of Whiplash Fraud Defeated

At Lampkin & Co we have vast experience of dealing with personal injury claims including claims for injuries arising as a result of road traffic accidents.  Because of the volume of such claims insurance companies try all their tactics to defeat as many claims as possible thus saving themselves money and making more profit for… Read more

Classic BSA motorcycle rider – £3750

We acted for the son of a classic motorcycle owner who was knocked over his handlebars to the floor whilst stationary at the entrance to a roundabout. He was due to ride at the Thundersprint event, but was unable to after suffering multiple injuries from the collision. The case was unusual in that the defendant… Read more

Minor Whiplash – £1520

In this case the client was a passenger in her friend’s vehicle. Following a rear end shunt, she had whiplash symptoms in her neck and down her spine. This again goes to prove, contrary to what the media may say, that whiplash does in fact exist. Our client found her symptoms to be quite painful… Read more

Fell off the back of a lorry – £5000

We recently acted for a client who had a nasty accident and suffered a bad knee injury when he fell from the back of a lorry after trying to break a seal with a spanner to put on a hose. The client came off the back of the lorry and fell on what looked like… Read more

Finger broken in pavement trip – £4750

We achieved this award for a lovely client who has since referred several friends, family members and acquaintances to us, so thrilled was he with the service he recieved. We were similarly thrilled with the lovely chocolates he sent in to thank us! This was a difficult case as the client was walking in town… Read more

Biker with two year neck injury – £6500

Our client was proceeding in the outside lane of three in a busy London road when a car to his left performed a completely unexpected and ridiculous U-turn right in front of him. He had no way of avoiding a collision with the rear quarter panel of the car and was thrown from his bike…. Read more

Jogger trips over flagstone – £3900

Claims for joggers injured on defects in the highway are always difficult and are often hard fought by the responsible highway authority. This case was just like that. The jogger in question was on a familiar route and was caught out by a flagstone that had raised by one and a half inches. We obtained… Read more

72 year old falls in shop – £4250

Our 72 year old local client had a very nasty fall in a shoe shop. The shop was badly understaffed at a particularly busy time and the whole area was described as a “bombsite”. Our client who normally goes shopping with her daughter went alone and fell over discarded shoe boxes whilst in the crowded… Read more

Boy crossing the road – £15,000

Acting for a 16 year old schoolboy who was hit by a Land Rover whilst crossing the road we secured as settlement of £15,000 which he will now use to help him through University. Remarkably, despite being hit by such a large vehicle, he sustained very few if indeed any physical effects and the case… Read more

Severely injured rider – £250,000

We are celebratring a stunning success of acting for a rider who suffered serious injuries when thrown from a motorcycle. The injuries will give lifelong problems but working life will not be particularly affected. The main thrust of the case however was the involvement of the Motor Insurer’s Bureau and how they tried to defeat… Read more