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We are often asked “how much compensation will I be awarded?“. It’s important to understand that compensation is calculated individually on a case by case basis and is determined by many different factors.

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Accident at work – worsened injury settled

In the personal injury claims business we often see cases where injuries turn out to be more than they seem. What seems like an innocuous sprain can turn into something much more sinister. This is a reason why we would advise anybody suffering from an accident at work or road traffic accident to see a… Read more

Knee injury client instructs specialist motorcycle accident lawyer

The risk of motorcyclists suffering severe injuries if they’re involved in a crash is immense. By the very nature of these accidents they’re more likely to cause lasting harm to the rider as opposed to a car-on-car collision. Luckily, making a claim for these injuries is made much easier should you choose a specialist motorcycle… Read more

Beauty treatment claim for wax burns

Beauty treatments are much more commonplace now than they ever have been. It seems as if every street has a salon of some kind, offering treatments such as waxing, tanning and hair styling. But what happens when these treatments are performed incorrectly, causing harm? What happens if the products themselves are harmful? Then you may… Read more

Client helped with road traffic accident claim

We firmly believe that a claim for compensation in any kind of case should be about the victim. We don’t think of the compensation we’re able to send to our client as the be-all and end-all. Many clients who’ve come to us with their road traffic accident claims are both unhappy because of their injuries… Read more

Client has foot injury claim by pallet truck

As specialist personal injury lawyers in the Chester area, we get many local clients who’ve been injured in an accident at work. Many firms don’t tend to focus solely in one area of law. This has a side effect in that they don’t have a defined expertise. As all of our focus is on personal… Read more

Motorbike accident claim settles for over £17,500

Due to our experience as motorbike accident lawyers, clients often transfer their cases to us so that we can deal with their claim for compensation. This is a case in which our client transferred his motorbike accident claim to us as we ‘came highly recommended’. We strive to offer an excellent service so that our… Read more

Burns claim for oil splash successful

We act for clients in many varieties of accident at work claims. The most common types are things such as manual handling claims which involve muscle injuries. These are the types of accidents which spring to mind when you think of accidents at work. We deal with a huge spectrum from these manual handling claims… Read more

Complex fall from height claim settles

Some cases are just too complex to be handled by anyone other than a specialist. As we only deal with personal injury cases, we have the skillset required to settle cases which are daunting for those firms who don’t have a well-defined expertise. We recently settled a fall from height case which was complex to… Read more

Duty of care breached at trade fair

If you were to suffer an accident on a premises owned by someone else, you would be protected by the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. This Act says that a visitor to a property is owed a ‘duty of care’.   This “is a duty to take such care as in all the circumstances of the… Read more

Waxing injury claim award £1,500

It seems that everywhere you turn a new beauty salon opens up and quite often they seem to close just as quickly. As expert injury lawyers we are dealing with a growing number of claims for compensation from negligent beauty treatments that range from catastrophic to minor injuries. One such case concerned a client from… Read more