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Motorcycle client defeats fraud allegation

In dealing with so many personal injury claims, we have inevitably come across some cases with an uncooperative defendant. This can take a number of forms, from a hit-and-run driver to an employer who hasn’t completed a mandatory accident report. Occasionally we do see some bizarre behaviour, such was the case in this motorcycle accident… Read more

Accident at work settled after duty of care breached

Probably the most common cause of an accident at work is the lack of training and safety equipment provided to an employee. Each employee should expect to be given the tools they need to do their job safely and free from harm. It is their employers’ duty to provide these things; if they do not… Read more

Scarring injury claim settled

As injuries sustained in an accident can quite often include lacerations or burns, it’s no surprise that you can make a scarring injury claim. The point of a claim for scarring is to compensate you for any pain or permanent numbness around the area, plus the anxiety and embarrassment caused by the unsightly scar itself…. Read more

Cleaner fee recovered in slip and trip claim

Care and assistance claims for help you’ve received after an accident are always taken into account when claiming compensation for personal injury. The help received from family, friends and paid carers if required can all be covered when making your personal injury claim. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of a claim; the… Read more

Scooter accident client defeats under-payment tactic

The insurer tactic of trying to under-pay for personal injury claims is well known. The first offer to settle is invariably much lower than is acceptable to anybody with knowledge of the injuries’ true value. Unfortunately, they often get away with it due to the victim not seeking legal advice. This is something we managed… Read more

Soft tissue injuries slip and trip settled

Soft tissue injuries are often thought of as being a lesser injury than a bone fracture. Whilst this is certainly the case when it comes to minor soft tissue injuries like sprains and bruising, some instances ligament damage has the potential to match or even exceed the recovery time needed for a fracture. We dealt… Read more

Ankle injury slip and trip claim settled

A slip and trip claim can be more complex to deal with than appears at first glance. The first issue any potential claimant has to overcome is identifying who was at fault for the accident. The chances are that it can be any one of three: an employer (if the accident was on their premises),… Read more

Bus accident claim settles much higher than first offer

Bus accident claims can be tricky to deal with if you’re going through the process without assistance. There are stringent checks in place to stop fraud before the claim can even get off the ground. This is why it’s advised to contact personal injury specialists if you’re been involved in one of these accidents. This… Read more

Dental negligence claim won after dentist leaves country

Everybody knows the importance of regular dental check-ups. The prevention of gum disease and tooth decay is vital, but it is also necessary to have faith in your dentist to be able to identify problems and treat them well. Sadly this may not always be the case. A dentist may not identify an obvious problem… Read more

Pillion passenger claim settles

The road to recovery after a pillion passenger is involved in an accident can be a long one. In addition to the usual dangers posed to a motorcycle rider, there is a lack of control over what the pillion passenger can do to avoid the accident. This can lead to psychological symptoms in the form… Read more