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We are often asked “how much compensation will I be awarded?“. It’s important to understand that compensation is calculated individually on a case by case basis and is determined by many different factors.

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Passenger triples compensation at court

The practice of insurers offering claimants a quick and easy settlement after a road traffic accident is nothing new. Generally, these are made in cases where the insurer recognises that the claim is worth more and so tries to ‘buy off’ the claim at as low a cost as it can. Whilst tempting for many victims,… Read more

Contributory negligence in accident at work

There are cases where a claimant may be paid compensation despite carrying some of the liability for the accident. These are known as contributory negligence cases. If the accident is partly the fault of both the claimant and the defendant a percentage split is given to the case. A decision which holds 2 parties equally… Read more

Loss of earnings recovered in accident at work

A loss of earnings claim is compensation for the wages you’ve missed out on after an accident. This could be for anything from a few days’ worth of pay to months of lost earnings. This understandably has a massive impact on anyone’s finances. Paired with painful injuries this can be tough to bear. You can… Read more

Exacerbated injury claim made in road traffic accident

An exacerbated injury claim is made when an existing injury is made worse by an accident. In cases where, for example, a claimant has a foot injury and then further damages the foot in a slip and trip accident, they would still be entitled to claim for the further injury. These claims can range from… Read more

Compensation for assaulted cyclist

The duty of an employer to protect people affected by its actions extends to protecting others from the actions of its employees. If an employee of a company causes somebody an injury in the course of their job, there is a case for the company to be liable. This means that compensation can be recovered… Read more

Motorcycle pillion passenger claim settles

With motorcycle season getting into full swing, we’d like to remind all motorcycle riders to be cautious out on the road. A dry, sunny day can be just the thing to make a rider want to get out and about on their bike. However, just because the roads seem to be in prime condition does… Read more

Membership fee recovered in pedestrian accident claim

Special damages in a personal injury claim can vary massively depending on the specifics of each case. There are standard items to claim such as loss of earnings and travel expenses, which are fairly common. However, there can be others such as the loss of a holiday or a gym membership fee which can also… Read more

Country lane accident settled

Driving on a country lane at any time can be dangerous; drivers are always advised to keep speed to a minimum and be vigilant, as these tend to be narrow and full of blind corners. Country lane accidents can be especially plentiful in the winter months. These tend not to be gritted or cleared of… Read more

Pre-existing condition claim settles against dissolved company

Pre-existing conditions The aggravation of a pre-existing condition is an aspect of a personal injury claim that we see in clients with medical conditions such as arthritis and degenerative diseases. Whilst an accident will not necessarily be the root cause of these injuries, it can ‘speed up’ the symptoms to levels they would have reached… Read more

Special damages recovered in tractor accident claim

A special damages claim is the part of your claim for compensation which can be defined in terms of monetary loss. This mean that things such as the cost of physiotherapy, damaged clothing and travel losses are included. As the point of compensation is to return the victim to the position they were in prior… Read more