The Lampkin & Co legal team is comprised of talented professionals with a wide range of specialist skills and experience.

Mark Lampkin – Principal Solicitor: LLB (Hons)

Mark Lampkin - Head of Legal Team at Lampkin & Co

Mark Lampkin is the founder and owner of Lampkin & Co Solicitors. He has over 20 years experience in personal injury law and employment matters. The combination of these two particular areas of law have proved invaluable when dealing with workplace accidents. We are able to progress claims for accidents at work whilst ensuring the client’s employment rights are protected – this is very reassuring for clients returning to work following recovery from their injuries. Mark is also a very experienced motorcyclist and therefore handles all of our motorcycle accident claims. 

Donna Hodge – Solicitor: FILEX & Higher Rights

Donna Hodge has been with the firm since 2002 and prior to joining gained substantial experience in personal injury litigation in various roles with Solicitors practices in North Wales. Donna qualified as a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives (FILEX) and continued her studies, qualifying as a Solicitor in 2009.

She is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and has achieved the qualification entitling her to appear as an advocate in the higher courts (Higher Rights). Donna now focuses on workplace accidents and occupational illness having developed razor sharp legal skills in holding employers liable for breaching duties and regulations.

Steven Beard – Senior Litigation Manager

Steven joined the legal team in 2005 as Senior Litigation Manager and it is fair to say we are fortunate enough to have one of the best legal minds in the country. He has a cast iron reputation amongst lawyers based on his vast legal knowledge and ability to reach a sound judgment. Steven has conducted complicated and high value litigation through the Court of Appeal so he not only applies the law, he has been involved in making it.

…often consulted by Senior lawyers and even Judges, a testament to his skill and knowledge.

His ability to think about a case from all angles and leave no stone unturned in achieving the best result for a client is unsurpassed. He is often consulted by Senior lawyers and even Judges, a testament to his skill and knowledge.

Steven deals with all cases with total dedication and specialises in high value personal injury litigation and complex commercial litigation. He will often deal with cases involving serious injuries such as head / brain or spinal injuries or other claims involving more complicated legal issues.

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